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If you lack direction for your life; have found yourself cycling in and out of ruts or are searching for meaning, but are getting nowhere, I am here to Life Coach you into a fresh new perspective.

Together lets:

  • Help you gain insight into patterns of thinking that have not served you well

  • Tap into your unique gifts and talents

  • Identify your strength zone(s)

  • Set attainable life and career goals

  • Find your passion and purpose


  • Get to your "AHA" moments



Salt and Light offers a warm, caring, and nurturing environment.  We maintain confidentiality and provide a quality holistic experience that will leave you feeling inspired to change and empowered to act to achieve your goals.

You will:

  • Become aware of the root of your problem(s)

  • Identify recurring themes that have gotten you stuck

  • Transform and pivot to a new way of thinking

  • Gain support to uncover the issues that have impeded the fulfillment of your goals.

  • Move forward with a call to action



Pre-coaching consultation to assess your needs and determine how coaching will support you to achieve your goals. 


Workshop and Training

Professional staff development opportunities for organizations 



We provide Individual and Organizational Coaching to clarify your goals, and strategies to overcome obstacles.

Salt and Light is committed to utilizing our 25 years of experience to offer credible, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and empathetic service through the well-trained expertise of coach Lynette.

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